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Mastering the air attack on Clash of Clans

This Clash of Clans aide will show players the ins and outs of all air attack techniques and how to at last utilize the air to the player’s preference. There are three air-based sorts of troops in the amusement: Minion, Balloon, and Dragon. The Minion has great pace, is moderately powerless and modest, and has great extent. Interestingly, the Balloon is the amusement’s slowest moving troop, arrangements obliterating sprinkle harm, however can be brought down without breaking a sweat by hostile to air resistances. In conclusion, the Dragon has an extensive variety of capacities, being able to attack both ground and air units. Furthermore, Dragons have awesome range and sprinkle harm.


The primary and best strategy we’re going to cover is intended to be the mother of all trophy chasing and gold getting procedures. It includes every one of the three air-based troops and in addition Rage Spells, which builds an individual unit’s harm by an altered rate, and Healing Spells, which recuperates every single inviting unit inside of a stationary ring for an aggregate of 12 seconds. For this system, the player will require 20 Minions, three Dragons, 20 Balloons, two Rage Spells, and one Healing Spell. Altogether, this will cost 120 Dark Elixir, and 217,000 Elixir. Hi guys fing unlimited gems on clash of clans hack gems on here

Since the player has everything set it up’s, opportunity to execute this strategy and case triumph. To begin with, be careful about Air Defense. Since Minions are shoddy and effectively supplanted, test for air bombs by sending a Minion close to the adversary’s Air Defense. Convey another Minion close to see what troops the foe has in their Clan Castle. Take out the troops from the Clan Castle on clash of clans by conveying the player’s remaining Minions. This ought to likewise help with diverting the Air Defense. Next, with the air guard diverted, send the majority of the player’s Balloons and aide them to attack the Air Defense.

To give them that additional edge, give the player’s Balloons one Rage Spell. After the adversary’s Air Defense is crushed, its opportunity to convey every one of the three Dragons to tidy up any stragglers. As the player’s Balloons surround the second Air Defense, give them the second Rage Spell. Wizard Towers will bargain capable sprinkle harm to both ground and air troops, so its fitting to utilize the Healing Spell on the Balloons with the Healing Spell if the foe’s Wizard Tower is taking its toll on the player’s armed force.

Boom Beach : Offensive Strategies

Meat Shield

Utilization Troops with high hitpoints presently shield or meat shield for troops with low hitpoints. Troops like the Heavy or Scorcher can take a ton of hits and can in this manner be utilized as a shield for other more helpless troops like the Zooka or Rifleman on boom beach.


Begin your assault by conveying a few Heavies. The adversary barrier assaults the first focus inside of achieve (for this situation the Heavies) and alternate troops behind the Heavies can focus on the foe guard from a protected separation.

This method is particularly valuable with guarded structures that can without much of a stretch end Troops with low hitpoints, similar to the Rocket Launcher and Machine Gun.


Assault with Heavies and Riflemen and utilization Flares to direct them around the compass of foe structures towards the Headquarters. This system is usefull with base designs with the Headquarters in the far back with practically zero guard behind it. Be carefull with safeguard with a long range like the Boom Cannon, Mortar and Rocket Launcher. Try our Boom Beach hack online tool on here

Surge or Rushing

Assault the beach with countless, generally Riflemen. As a result of the colossal measure of focuses on the single-shot guards like the Cannon, Boom Cannon and Sniper Tower have no possibility of ending all Troops.

This method is particularly powerful with a considerable measure of single-shot guards. Be cautious with guard that does sprinkle harm like the Mortar, Flamethrower or Rocket Launcher. Vast quantities of Troops can undoubtedly be ended by these cautious structures.

Smokey Zooka boom beach

Utilize the amazing capability of the Zooka! Load all your Landing Craft with Zookas and support your Gunboat Statues so you have a lot of Gunboat Energy. At that point begin your assault by conveying all the Zookas on the double and flare them towards the Headquarters. Cover there way with Smoke Screens simply like the system beneath with the Warriors. When the smoke is gone the Zookas will begin terminating at the Headquarters and arrangement genuine harm! Be extremely carefull with sprinkle harm barriers like the Rocket Launcher, Mortar and Machine Gun. Best is to Shock Bomb them while your Zookas are in extent.