Benefits of Yoga for Mental Health

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Yoga has many benefits. In addition to physical fitness, including improved flexibility, more healthy body weight and bone that may be more powerful, according to, people who love yoga also has mental health.


1. Yoga can help people with bipolar disorder
A new study published in The Journal of Psychiatric Practice indicate yoga can help people organize bipolar disorder. In a survey, they asked more than 100 people suffering from mental disorders to rank how yoga affects their lives. Many are considered poor living conditions Health yoga is beneficial for mental and one in five people mention yoga life-changing and visit yoga burn review here.

While it is important to emphasize that it is a survey, it is possible that yoga can do much good for the person with bipolar.

2. Yoga is a stress reliever
Yoga can also help fight stress and improve mood for everyone. This practice could also offer a moment for a moment forget the hustle and bustle of life. Research shows, stress reduction because of the mind, such as the core of yoga, can reduce anxiety and stress.

In a study at the University of California, Los Angeles, participants who practiced yoga only for 12 minutes every day for 8 weeks showed a decrease in the inflammatory response of their immune system. When we are very stressed, the body loses its ability to regulate pereadangan response, which can cause health problems, including a greater risk of depression. By lowering levels of stress, we can also reduce the risk of depression.

3. Yoga boost brain power
Poses not just a pose. According to the University of Illinois, they also help improve brain function. A short session of Hatha yoga for 20 minutes can improve focus and memory.

4. Yoga improves happiness
Ever feel how strong, centered and happy you after attending a yoga class? Actually not everything is in the head. Research shows that the simple action of enjoying the moment can improve mood. On average, we spend almost half the time we plan for the future or reflect on the past and remains today are more often easier said than done.

But, yoga helps us focus on the moment by providing a physical and mental exercise. That is why yoga instructor often encourages reflection and life today while in the classroom, rather than just posing. Mental aspects of yoga bring a whole new meaning to the word happy.

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