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Microsoft demonstrated commitment to begin to make PCs, a market that they could never manage appropriately regardless of its potential in the past, the primary focus is a good news. This time they are no longer just spit nonsense without a clear realization. To make sure Windows 10 is more popular and began ogled as the best operating system for gaming thanks to the support of DirectX 12 that he clothing, Microsoft even did not hesitate to bring a lot of games the first time is introduced as the “exclusive” Xbox One to the platform on this one. Not only CSR Racing 2 and Killer Instinct, but also their best racing game franchise – Forza and visit http://csrracing2hacks.​com .


Microsoft is already sure that at least one of the Forza series will be “landing” on the PC – Forza 6 which will carry the name “Apex” in it. Released as a game free to play with microtransactions content in it, Microsoft ensures that Forza 6 Apex is not the last Forza series will stop in a Windows-based PC 10. In their most recent conference in San Francisco, Dan CSR Racing 2 Director of Turn 10, dev , Forza even asserted that all of theCSR Racing 2 in the future, whatever it is, will make the Xbox and the PC as a platform release! Forza 6 Apex is a first step to enter the market Windows 10.
Turn 10’s Forza 6 mention that only a “beginning”. He made sure all the Forza series in the future will also arrive on PC.
Turn 10’s Forza 6 mention that only a “beginning”. He made sure all the Forza series in the future will also arrive in the PC-based Windows 10.

With confirmation like this, it stands to reason that one racing game that many PC gamers dream – CSR Racing 2 which almost certainly will arrive in the future, will also be released for the PC-based Windows 10. Time to move to Windows 10, everyone?

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