Browse Angle Titanic with CryEngine 3

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Almost everyone in the world would know what it was Titanic. This magnificent ship into a monument to one of the most ironic tragedies in the history of human life, where knowledge and human vanity eventually must submit was the greater power. Sad story and drama that occurs during the moments of the sinking is also recorded properly managed through the film of the same title that was born from the cold hand of James Cameron. You are curious about the interior in this iconic ship had a chance to explore it. A virtual reality game built with a powerful engine and visit here .


ORM Entertainment is the responsible party behind this process. The company is trying to rebuild the entire interior of the Titanic in the form of a simulator that depicts the true reality. Simulator called Titanic: Lost in the Darkness is built with CryEngine 3 graphics engine behind Crysis 2. Through the demonstration were released on video sites, ORM Entertainment shows were awesome visualization. Overall texture and pattern that is built really approximates the real world. You’ve seen the movie Titanic also certainly familiar with some of the rooms shown here.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty as to where the direction of this simulator will be presented. Whether it will develop into a game, pure simulator, or just a show of force graphics engine without definite results? ORM itself acknowledges that this demo still contains some weaknesses that are still trying to refine them, we might see in the video the next demonstration. Do not be surprised if they start to build Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet also in it, and … .Maybe some picture books, pencils, and a sofa.

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