Clash Royale Arena 3 Strategy Guide

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Coliseum 3 acquaints with the amusement the absolute most irritating cards in the diversion, to be specific Rocket, Barbarian Hut, and Clash Royale X-Bow. Rocket doesn’t look like much, yet it’s the greatest harm managing spell in the diversion. Savage Hut is an expensive card to play at 7 Elixir, however the benefit of bringing forth 4 sets of Barbarians over its lifetime gives the building great long haul esteem. Furthermore, X-Bow… I can promise you that when you experience this card surprisingly (or second, or third… ), you will probably need to let out a condemnation word or two.


Brutes are a standout amongst the most strong basic cards in the diversion, and you ought to focus on updating it at the earliest opportunity. They are an incredible obstacle against Prince, can take our Giants rapidly, can take hits against X-Bow, furthermore make a decent bleeding edge assault as you back it up with went troops.

Coliseum 3 will likewise likely be the first occasion when you end up expecting to change your methodologies. Your Prince is thinking that its harder to achieve your adversary’s crown towers, your Giant is being butchered by Minions and Barbarians, and swarm of ground troops assaulting are getting besieged by Bomb Tower and you can get clash royale hack on here.

While your ground troops will be running into hindrances, air troops are still a flat out hazard right now in the diversion as there are just a restricted measure of cards that can counter them. Child Dragon possesses the air as of right now of the diversion, and Balloon can take out restricting crown towers pretty effectively on the off chance that it can reach there. On the off chance that you don’t have either, make certain to play Minions, Spear Goblins and/or Archers for adequate air barrier. Make certain to have something securing the Spear Goblins before you play it against Clash Royale Baby Dragon however, as one puff of flame from Baby Dragon will devastate them right away. Correspondingly, attempt to sit tight for Baby Dragon to assault on a building/different troops before you play your Minions to take it out from behind.


A deck you will be experience a great deal of at Arena 3 (and past) is the Hut Swarm (otherwise known as Hut Spam) deck. This current’s deck will likely essentially overpower you with a ceaseless food of Spear Goblins and Barbarians from the cabin alongside a blend of different troops in the assault. There are 2 keys to beat this deck: 1) When your rival plays a Barbarian Hut, promptly assault on the path where your rival did not play the hovel! The Hut is a costly 7 solution and will just create 2 Barbarians before all else, so if there’s an open path to assault and you have the remedy then go and do some harm. 2) Hurt his hovels by impacting it with Fireball. Attempt to get used to the timing of when the following Spear Goblin/Barbarians leave the cabin, and impact it alongside the cottage with your Fireball. On the off chance that your rival happens to play 2 cottages together inside of the scope of your Fireball, then you’re going to get awesome worth for your impact.

With the presentation of Barbarians, Fireball is currently the crucial spell you ought to have in your deck. On the off chance that you see your adversary play Barbarians, impact it with a Fireball, and ideally you can hit some different structures/troops/crown tower along the way.

Lastly, on the off chance that you so happen to experience a X-Bow player as of right now, don’t alarm. Place a high HP card (Bomb Tower, Barbarians, Giant) down before your Crown Tower so the X-Bow will focus on that first. On the off chance that you know your rival has Elixir in the bank, DO NOT simply proceed a spot cards before the X-Bow, as your adversary can without much of a stretch square your assault with Barbarians, Cannon, or different cards. Rather, sit tight for your rival to focus on player a card before X-Bow, and plan your counter-assault likewise.

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