Dishonored Gameplay Trailer 2 Release Latest

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As was done with Fallout 4 announcement made at E3 2016 Bethesda yesterday for Dishonored 2 is present as a surprise in itself. How come? After being introduced through a teaser and suddenly sank for a long time without any detail at all, they immediately threw the exact release date for the open-world action game of this one. No kidding, this game will arrive at the end of the year. To ensure gamers understand what they will get, Bethesda regularly release the latest information at the same diverse gameplay trailer. They certainly will not miss the event at Gamescom 2016 and visit here to get zeni.


Trailer gameplay this time focusing on a new assassin will be in action along with Corvo Attano, the main characters from the first series Dishonored. Absolutely, we’re talking about the figure of the princess – Kaldwin Emily is now emerging as a new playable character. A little peek visualization quality as what we get, this latest gameplay video also shows what the power that can be used by Emily once showed new variants mechanical enemy that must be faced.

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