Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Introduced As Mobile Game

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Gamers which will not be thrilled when they hear Square Enix finally developed the latest series one of the best open world game – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack? Success and charm hatched by Human Revolution certainly make a lot of gamers who anticipate the presence of a series called “The Fall” is. After appearing mysteriously through the introduction of the logo and the first teaser that almost does not contain any information, Square Enix finally unmasked the mystery and introduces Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle: The Fall for the first time. For those of you who wish he would present as a sequel to “heavy” Adam Jensen’s adventure on PC or console, prepared to be disappointed.


The policy change to focus more on the mobile market – smartphones and tablets that had echoed Square Enix seems not kidding. Developed by Square Enix Mobile, guided by Eidos Montreal, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle: The Fall is confirmed as a mobile game for the biggest two operating systems: iOS and Android. Format gameplay and freedom that carried remained similar to the Human Revoluton, of course with a different side of the story. You will play as a former British special forces – Ben Saxon conspiracy that seeks to dismantle illegal drugs, against private military organizations – The Tyrants.

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