Easy Way Towards a Master’s degree in Clash of Clans

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League is a ranking which will determine the level of players in play Clash of Clans. The higher the trophy of a player, the higher the level or league of players. At each League has a trophy that you have to accomplish to get to the league and League to a top of this game is the Master League and Champions League, you have to collect the trophy as much until 2600-3200. It is difficult to gather that much, but we have some tips so you can reach the highest level. We headed another topic, if you need unlimited gems do not worry you can get a free gem in Clash of Clans hack online tool on here Clash of Clans astucecp

 – Upgrading the level of the highest Army Camp
Army Camp is a gathering place for the troop, and the higher levels of the Army Camp so the more you can troop capacity and taken to attack the opponent

- Upgrading the level of the highest Defense
Defense is very important in the Clans of Clans, if the enemy can not penetrate our defense then we will more and more get the trophy

- Upgrade Storage highest
The greater the level of storage, the more wealth we have.

- Laboratory and equally important Spell
At both these places have in common in determining the strength of our troop. Laboratory serves as a place to strengthen our troop and troop Spell useful to help us.

- Upgrade Clan Castle highest
Clan Castle has a very important role in Clash of Clans, the usefulness of the Clan Castle is in addition to the troop or troop assistance of our clan. The greater the level of Clan Castle, the more additional troop that we had and was very helpful the player when it is raid.

- Upgrading the level of the highest Heroes
You must know and Acher Barbarian Queen, the second hero has extraordinary ability in assisting troop to destroy the opponent’s base. The second level of the level of troop heroes will make us stronger

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