Evolve Review – Hunting Or Hunted

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Turtle Rock Studios released a multiplayer game “Evolve. Many unique elements in this game which in turn make you excited to play in multiplayers games ini.Turtle Rock Studios is also the developer of the game Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead course you remember, multiplayer games very well known and became a legend in its class. The problem is whether Evolve could exceed the thrill of Left 4 Dead. But that does not mean evolve multiplayers is a bad game, but there are some parts in this game that many are disliked by some gamers.


Evolve is a game that is only focused on the multiplayer aspect of the asymmetric. This game is about two groups that have different numbers and strength and should be fought. You will feel a different sensation when it tries to play in the other groups. The groups called hunter and monsters.

When you play as a hunter, you will have a 4 person team with their respective expertise. Do not get the wrong set the pace and strategy, because all members of the team will be the victim. Losing one of the team members would be a disaster, because you will very easily be a target monster. There are classes available options Assault, Medic, Trapper, and support all available with different equipment.

Being Hunter will make you under pressure, because if you die the whole team will be chaotic. Evolve is a game that is perfect for those who love to play games that are challenging and high competition.

And if you take the position as the monsters you’re just going to play itself and your job hunters chase and kill, but it is not as easy as you imagine, because the monsters are the target of predators.
To build strength as monsters you have to prey on and build the evolution to a more severe form and invincible.

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