Exos Saga Has Held Pre-Registration Event

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Accomplishment with the diversion Grand Chase M, Eyedentity back in sibukan the most up to date RPG amusement called Exos Saga. Much the same as Grand Chase M, Exos Saga appears to be likewise to be distributed solely by Cherry Credits for the Southeast Asia area. There is no positive data about the discharge date, yet it appears Exos Saga will soon be discharged sooner rather than later as a result of Eyedentity has opened Pre-Registration Event today.\


By enlisting in the occasion Pre-Resgistrasi this time you will get a prize of S Grade Scarlet, Medium Exp Scroll, Xes 3,000 and 10,000 Gold. A piece of the Exos Saga own work of art took care of by SR and Sinbaru who is likewise the inventor of Ragnarok Online character outline. So don’t be amazed if the characters in the diversion is somewhat like RO amusement you’ve ever played some time recently. For those of you who are interested you can see the feature trailer beneath.

Exos Saga is a RPG amusement with a cool side looking over one of a kind visual craftsmanship in it. With gameplay brings squad-based ongoing battle like the amusement Grand Chase M, later you can make a multitude of 150 saints accessible in a choice of 13 unique classes. There is a class Paladin, Cleric, Warrior, Knight, Lancer, Gladiator, Berserker, Wizard, Archer, and different classes. The legend class you can likewise consolidate to get another saint class.

Each saint in the Exos Saga will be outfitted with the 4 essential aptitudes incorporating 1 Ultimate Skill with harm or pulverizing impacts. Much the same as the general pda RPG amusement, in this diversion are accessible additionally highlight PvP, Dungeon and Raid Dungeon. For those of you who need to do the Pre-Registration visit http://apkmoddata.com on here

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