Facebook Prepare Portal Games like Steam

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With billions of USD that flows each year, the gaming industry is a business that can no longer be underestimated. Slowly but surely, especially with the popularity of mobile gaming is skyrocketing along with the performance of increasingly sophisticated smart devices, video gaming began to become a mainstream entertainment medium. On the PC, Valve reap huge profits via their digital game distribution portal – Steam that is now starting to compete with a variety of other portals are also found solid momentum, such as GOG, Origin, or Battle.net. But who thought that the largest social media site in the world today – Facebook is also glanced at the same market and visit family guy the quest for stuff hack here.


Oculus Rift seems to be just the beginning of a venture business expansion up to the gaming industry. Facebook reportedly preparing a similar game portal, which is still unnamed. He will work closely with Unity to build it. There are no details as to what form, but up to make sure that the portal is really only going to contain video game without any frills that other Facebook content. He is also eager to not only offer casual games “typical” up for it, but also games for core gamers classmates Steam and consoles so far.

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