FIFA 17 is confirmed to be available on iOS and Android

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EA as pembesut football games, FIFA 17, has just announced the presence of such games for mobile devices. Although it did not mention a specific date, gaming it certainly will visit iOS and Android later this year.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Saturday (20/08/2016), these games comes with a series of features which are not different from the console version. FIFA 17 includes 30 leagues, 650 teams, and more than 17 thousand players. EA also cited the experience of playing these games will feel real and get on here.


Not only that, these games will menampillkan experience of playing football that is designed specifically for mobile devices players. Some of the features introduced are Attack Mode, daily live content, online leagues, including a brand-new approach to building a football squad.

One unique feature is the Attack Mode.

This feature offers a more exciting gaming experience for mobile devices. Basically, this mode is not much different with turn-based games. So, in a certain time players are given the opportunity to attack the turns.

Through this mode, players are given the opportunity to strike in each half. If the first half is given the opportunity to attack a team, when the second half began the event will be given to the opposing team.

FIFA 17 Mobile also has updates via the Live Events feature is embedded directly into the application. This feature will provide a new and fresh content every day based on the game and the story surrounding that occur worldwide.

For information, FIFA 17 versions of the console itself is slide on September 29, 2016. EA took four young pebola famous players today, namely Eden Hazard of Chelsea, James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, Anthony Martial of Manchester United, as well as Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund as an ambassador for the games.

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