Final Fantasy VII Now Can You Enjoy on Android Devices

admin   July 20, 2016   No Comments

Final Fantasy fans who also like to play mobile games can now rejoice. After previous iOS platform release in about a year ago, Final Fantasy VII was present for Android. That is, more and more devices that we can use to enjoy one of the masterpieces of the best Square Enix.


Final Fantasy VII Android version is a port of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII which has long been available on Steam. In terms of content, the Android version is totally unchanged. You still will follow the adventures of Cloud to save the Earth from the evil intentions of companies Shinra and Sephiroth, just the first version, released in 1997 first and visit zn game hack.

The obvious differences is the control system that is now converted into a touch screen based. Unfortunately, the control system is still a virtual d-pad, not to use tap and swipe method according to the standard of mobile games today. There are also some new features that make it easy games, such as the ability to eliminate random battle and cheat to get the maximum stat in a heartbeat.

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