Great Strategy for Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is the most preferred game genre strategy for iPhone, iPod and Android. Supercell artificial game requires players to expand the village you make friends and survive the onslaught of your friends around the world.

Games that can be played individually and this group does have its own uniqueness. Clash of Clans game players can join with other clans to invade villages other players who have also joined with other clans.


Do not use indiscriminate gems just to speed up the construction of the building that you are making or buying shield so as not to be able to attack from other villages. Save gems you to buy the worker, according to what I know is more important because we need more workers to build. Unless you really dare to spend money to buy gems.

Attacking is an appropriate solution to the attack we automatically make a good defense and do not hesitate to mention you to throw your shield. When beginning to play, you’ll get free Shield for 3 days. According to me please feel free to attack another village when you already have an army. With the results of attacking another village then you will get more income than waiting gold, the elixir of Gold Mine.

When you have a nice village level then you are able to complete the single player levels and rebuild your castle, it’s time you joined with other clans. Not only you can add friends, but also will establish a relationship with the other players and can also benefit. Please note that you should not expect any help, you also have to help the other players in your clans. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to the players who have senior and who have a high level for advice and tips in playing Clash of Clans.  If you want get instant unlimited gems, you can try clash of clans hack on here or if you come from Italian country you can try clash of clans trucchi

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