Guild of Honor Preview

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Has recently discharged a RPG amusement a week ago, Seven Knights, Netmarble re-discharged a portable diversion that is no less energizing. This diversion accompanies a substantial gathering, as per its title amusement Guild of Honor, the war between the guild is the primary amusement here. Discharged all around in 146 nations (in addition to the alternative of decision Indonesian), you might want to treat the full 3-dimensional and movement nature of this amusement.


Guild of Honor itself recounts the tale of the quarrel between the God of Light and God of Darkness are unending following the start of human development on the planet. The start of human life was quiet until the fight continued on the ground valros. You will start your trip as a guild pioneer together with Emperor Empire Arel named Castlotte by picking one of three unbelievable warrior, Archer, Knight, and Mage.

In the diversion allowed to-play, you can discover 360 sorts of fighters with an assortment of distinctive classes. The quantity of warriors who are numerous without a doubt is one of the principle favorable circumstances offered by the Guild of Honor. Simply envision, you can make between guild fights with the sheer number of 100 players taking an interest at the same time in one time. Unprecedented! Different components, for example, expanded levels of character improvement, putting on gear, and others you can likewise set in this procedure RPG amusement.

Created by Maius Games Co., LTD, Guild of Honor obviously, as of now you can download for nothing on Android and iOS gadgets. Get ready ahead of time of portions and memory your cell phone as a versatile diversion has a genuinely expansive size, it is just regular as per the measure of the full-scale fighting 3-dimensional. You can download quickly by tapping the connection beneath and anticipate a greater amount of our amusement survey.

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