I Am Setsuna Review

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Anticipation is high, this one sentence that deserves describes the reaction of most gamers JRPG fans when Square Enix announced a new developer studio of their existence – Tokyo RPG Factory. In contrast to their previous project that seeks to define itself as a modern game series in the middle of the current generation platform competition is increasingly popular, Tokyo RPG Factory carry out a task of “sacred” to offer what had been requested by gamers lovers of classic JRPG. Something that may not seem relevant anymore in the development of the gaming industry is so rapid, but still have a nostalgic appeal to be sold. Answers to this challenge finally slid by I Am Setsuna and find here.


You already had time to read our earlier preview about this game seems to have had little idea of ​​what is offered by I Am Setsuna this. At least, the mission carried by Tokyo RPG Factory since it was first realized as you taste. He was able to offer the sensation of an RPG classic, but also modern at the same side. Budget development is quite noticeably smaller than the visual approach that is not how special, but fortunately, reinforced by many other elements that will make JRPG lovers fall in love. Music, classic gameplay, to the story of “heavy” that did not previously predicted so the selling value that is hard to ignore. The first impression he offers is considered very positive.

So, what exactly I am Setsuna offered by this? Why do we call it a game that can deliver the simplicity that promise? This review will discuss it in for you.

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