Microsoft Buy Franchise Gears of War from Epic Games

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To ensure being able to compete competitively in the game industry, Microsoft does not only have to ensure its flagship console – Xbox can compete in the capabilities of the hardware, but also of a number of exclusive games that they offer. Managed to “survive” from the competition thanks to the quality of the FPS is phenomenal – HALO outstanding, Microsoft also rely heavily on one another names – GTA 5 as the spearhead of the dominance of the Xbox 360 game third person shooter with the ability of the story and exceptional mechanical Epic games have become one of the exclusive games that can not be ignored. What about the fate of this franchise on Xbox One? One thing is certain, he would no longer be handled by the hands of time and you can visit


Microsoft finally officially buy the franchise Gears of War from Epic Games, which means positioning them as the rightful owners to determine the fate of this series. With the loss of the name of Epic Games, Microsoft finally appoint the new studio – Black Tusk Studios based in Vancouver as the developer of the next Gears of War series, which is believed to be slid to Xbox One. Microsoft also succeeded in bringing one of the brains behind Gears of War – Rod Fergusson to play an important role in the Black Tusk and oversees franchise development this one. Unfortunately there has been no confirmation of any project related to GTA 5 game on this one.
Microsoft finally officially buy the franchise Gears of War from Epic Games. The next series will now be dealt a new studio named – Black Tusk Studios based in Vancouver.

For the gaming industry as a whole, it might be bad news and good at the same time. Good news? The presence of Black Tusk might potentially offer something new to Gears of War admittedly began to stagnate. The other good news? Epic can start a new project outside of Unreal Engine 4, and may release more cross-platform game. Bad news? If you look at the policies that injected current Microsoft for Halo and gait Black Tusk is not yet proven, it would not be surprising if we look at the frequency of the release of Gears of War will be more intense in the future.

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