Overwatch Releases Short Film Bastion is Emotional

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If we talk about the developers who are consistently able to throw the cinematic trailer or a short film to explain the lore characters in the game that they racik, hence the name Blizzard certainly can not be separated from it. Do not believe? Just look at all the cinematic trailer that always removed whenever updates or the latest expansion pack World of Warcraft introduced, or when Starcraft II get his latest series. The same thing they have shown in their multiplayer games are super popular – Overwatch. After being released several short films for characters such as Hanzo or Tracer, now they are focused on one figure – Bastion and visit here to get nba live mobile hack.


You may include gamers who hate Bastion, both when he was in the same team or even face him. But the newly released short film Blizzard to introduce a robot that will make your heart was touched and fell in love with “killing machine” on this one. Titled “The Last Bastion”, he told them a little background Bastion as war machines in Omnic Crisis. Walking without dialogue at all, he also told about its proximity to the cute bird who always accompanied him – Ganymede. Overwatch best movie so far, a claim that is not excessive.

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