PC specifications for PES 2017

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Towards the end of the year and the war “eternal” between the two soccer game franchise – FIFA and PES would be repeated. So as in previous years, each trying to offer something new here. For PES now so the only mainstay Konami to compete in the console market, the sale value is rooted in a variety of changes in the gameplay that is claimed to offer a more realistic football sensations, and of course the license of some giants who now appears in focus. For PC gamers who have a rig with lower specifications, PES 2017 seems to remain will be the most friendly football game for them and click here.


In contrast to FIFA 17 finally moved to Frostbite Engine and ask for PC specifications are quite heavy for a football game, Konami still seems focused to make PES 2017 PC version is to be in a similar visualization quality. Although Konami has not provided further details about the next-generation console versions of the port which will be adapted for the PC version, but the specifications were released seemed to prove that you will be back to deal with the visual “hybrid” that is not on par with the Playstation version 4 or Xbox One. Then, the PC as light as what should you prepare?

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