PlayStation Network back online 100% now

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After Sony gives false hope on Saturday, finally now Playstation Network or PSN can fully recover from hacker attacks and experiencing offline for 3 days.Sony states face and online gaming platforms as done previously blamed the problem of DDoS attacks.

Playstation back to normal after the company announced the good news Playstation approximately 4:00 through twitter and has changed the status to be online at the official website of Sony a few hours later.


But it soon becomes clear that the problem posed is far from perfect but it remains to rebuilt but when the afternoon of the status of the Playstation Network has turned into offline again.

However, searching for the Sony PSN and Playstation on Twitter on Sunday at 9:30 kemabli large number of existing posts from the user yng very dissatisfied with this incident and they have difficulty to sign in to PSN. So if you want get Free PSN code you can access PSN code generator on here

Many customers have also been questioned in social media security quality Playstation Network. They believe companies such as Sony with advanced technology can be easily attacked by hackers through DDoS attacks that triggered the long outage at the height of the holiday and as a profile online services that are not accessible, the right customers with the most number of millions of children who have opened a new console .

Ease of buying online game downloadable content for games on the Playstation Network Sony, should be done with care to preserve all the important information about the account and your password file converter. You certainly do not want anyone else who could freely enter into your account. The hackers have managed to make the user lose hundreds of dollars of their account. PS and also access to the PS account, and Sony has given the users no good solution: users can lose hundreds of dollars’ worth of purchases, or they will lose access to their PSN accounts.

Ultimately PSN back can be accessed by 100% and you can easily log into the PSN. And for those of you who want to get free PSN Code you can visit to

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