Pokemon Go Gameplay Tips

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The thrill of the new GO Pokémon game really feels so your character started to move into the five levels. Here you are welcome to choose the three teams representing a faction with a different color: yellow for the Instinct, blue for teams Mystic, and red as the team Valor. All three had been representing the PvP game mechanics in an effort to compete for points Pokémon Gym locations scattered throughout the country and visit pokemon go ball hack on here.

Mastering a Pokémon Gym itself is the only way to earn currency that serves Pokécoins IAP to purchase a variety of items ranging from tools inviter Pokémon, bundle pokeball, upgrade bag, machine incubator, and others.


Adventure, fighting, and keep practicing to become a Pokémon Trainer strongest in your city

You need to know also that Pokémon Gym care requires teamwork minimum of three players (or three accounts Pokémon GO) to keep that is not easily fall into the hands of another team. If you just keep the gym alone, then the enemy can win your authority area was only by defeating the monsters Pokémon who was on guard duty at the Gym.

With the prize (and pride prestige) of the mechanism of seizure Pokémon Gym earlier, all the people are now flocking to form a solid team and strengthen the collection of their monsters in order to face the tough competition between teams of Pokémon Trainer that will not be endless, well unless the server Pokémon GO experiencing technical difficulties.
No need to take advantage of the Pokémon Go Plus

If you follow the news about the GO Pokémon games you may remember the existence of a unique bracelet named Pokémon Go Plus which at that time was announced in conjunction with this game in Japan.

When it was announced, bracelet Bluetooth technology gives the impression of luxury that makes me wonder if this tool is a must for the players to be able to really enjoy Pokémon GO.

The main function of Pokémon Go Plus itself is as a tool detector for players to let them know where monsters Pokémon and locations Pokéstop around them. With this tool you can glean items contained in each location Pokéstop practically without opening the smartphone screen altogether.

Electronic bracelet which is planned to be priced starting at US $ 27.99, or about Rp370 thousand this is fortunately not the device is obliged to play. Without this device you also still be able to play Pokémon GO long as smartphones and tablet devices that you could use to run the game smoothly.

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