Reigns – The Tinder united Ala Interaction Similar Games Papers, Please

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Have you ever heard of Tinder, or even try to find a mate applications are quite popular these? A little something to do with Fahmi opinion when discussing aspects of gamification in the use Tinder, today my attention on a game called Reigns that looks like a mix Tinder with simulation games Papers, Please.

Just an introduction, Reigns is a simulation game about the action of a king in deciding what is right for the development of the monarchy. Developer Nerial combines elements of choose your own adventure with a model quick card game, where we just choose one of two options that branch out and face the consequences of the decisions being selected and get monster legends hack tool here.


Play your goal here is to become a king resilient country facing a conflict as long as possible. Throughout the game, you will be dealing with four ratings points which is very important, from the support of the community, the clergy, the military, and the amount of wealth that kingdom have.

Mentioned Reigns as Tinder version of Papers. Please not without reason. As you can see below, this game has inspired interface design of applications as a matchmaker made in the InterActiveCorp.

Just like Tinder, your duties at Reigns is shifting every face character advising about the situation empire now, and observe their effects on four ratings points I mentioned above.

The complexity of balancing these four points are the challenges that will confront the players Reigns. Nerial developer of explanation, the player will face a lot of events that involve special considerations that are not wrong in choosing. They will always scrambles events experienced any kingdom, so that the next game will never be the same.

Good or bad every decision you take, Reigns of outcomes of different games, ranging from the elimination of you from the throne, the people’s revolution, political assassinations, and so forth.

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