Symptoms of Diabetes

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Know diabetes to know in advance the definition or understanding of diabetes, symptoms or signs of diabetes, causes of diabetes and ways to prevent diabetes. Diabetes or can be called with diabetes or blood sugar disease. One type of chronic disease have early signs such as increased levels of sugar in the blood due to a disturbance in the body’s metabolic system. Diabetes is not curable but can be controlled blood sugar levels. Diabetes occurs because of a lack of insulin, insulin is a substance produced by the pancreas to process blood sugars (glucose) so that it can become energy and visit diabetes destroyer here

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However, consumption of food will not help, because the sugar in the blood can not be processed into energy normally, even levels will continue to rise. The event is called hyperglycemia, the buildup of glucose that occurs in the blood. Recognizing early on diabetes is an opportunity for you to control your blood sugar even prevent the onset of diabetes in your body. To detect diabetic key is to do blood sugar checks. Sugar content by examination after fasting above 126 and blood sugar checks at any time above 200 is called diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes, different causes, symptoms Diabetes Prevention Method, penyabab, Cara Prevention | Source image: Some of the classic symptoms that are common with diabetes include frequent urination, frequent thirst and hunger, as well as the body weak and often sleepy.

Disease Symptoms Recognizing the symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus type one diabetes in children is not always easy because the symptoms are often mistaken for the flu. Besides the symptoms sometimes appear until the disease is quite a long walk.

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